Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nike Air Force 1 (GS) "Scorpion"

Nike Air Force 1 (GS) "Scorpion"
(Del Sol/Black-White)
Size: 7Y

It's been a minute since I posted, but I've been busy throughout the new year and have been on and off shoe projects and finally finished to what has become my most elaborate work yet. It's still not as extensive as some, but considering my busy schedule, I am quite happy with it.

I tried to incorporate "Mortal Kombat" and "Scorpion" into the sneaker using an "inspired" colorway. But it ended up being just another yellow and black AF1 that looked like a GR on regular Foot Locker shelves. So I tried something different.

This is the first (of many I hope) using an air brush, I'm still practicing (it's alot harder than I expected), but it ended up looking pretty decent. On the right shoe, sports the Mortal Kombat dragon logo with a lightning back drop a la Mortal Kombat II and the MK vs DC version of Scorpion on the left shoe with the same lightning backdrop. It was still bland to me and I thought it would look dope to turn all the black accents to a stormy night sky, so I did the instep and toebox as well, on both sneakers.

I used a hand mixed "Del Sol"as a primary color and ended the peice off with black Nike SB laces (with an extra pair of OG AF1 white laces), "gator skin" heel tab and a "blood splatter" insole to pay homage to infamous MK violence that made the franchise popular.

Additional Pictures

Monday, December 8, 2008

Nike Air Force 1 Low '07 "Caped Crusader"

Nike Air Force 1 Low '07 "Caped Crusader"
(Stealth Blue/Neutral Gray - Pro Gold)
Size: 8
w/ custom box and retro card

This latest custom is one of my favorites. A friend of mine, Catherine, and I have come together to prepare a Christmas gift for her significant other and a buddy of mine. What I like about this project is her input- the colors, the inspiration, the theme was all Catherine. My job was to make it a reality.

This custom also pushed the envelope a little bit. This is the first shoe that I had done where careful hand painted details were required and an insole was made. I also used metallic colors for the first time ever (it's about time I used them!).

First off, the theme- He loves Batman, the colors blue and gray, so I went with that idea and ran with it. The base of the shoe was neutral gray. I thought 'all-white' at first, but the concept art had alot of gray on it, so I found a gray AF1 that was perfect to save me time and paint. I also used gold metallics for the swoosh to bring out the colors. The hand painted part was the Batman logo. Sheldon's very retro, so I went with the nostalgic 80's Batman logo and the Adam West, 60's batman colorway with the stealth blue, pro gold with baby blue stitching.

I hope Sheldon enjoys these as much as Cat and I enjoyed making them. J-PHKR out.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nike Air Zoom Kobe III SL "Arjay Malimban PE"

Nike Air Zoom Kobe III SL "Arjay Malimban PE"
(white/hunter green - black)
Size: 8

If you know Arjay like I do, you know he is the biggest Kobe whore next to Kobe's wife and alleged rape victim. Apparel, Blackberry wallpaper, PC desktop, throwbacks, toys, "I Love Kobe Bryant" towels (yeah WTF, I know LOL), and of course, the sneakers.

Collecting kicks is also a very well known fact about this recent FBL Spartan Guard. Air Zoom Kobes. Kobe Bryant Exclusives. Laker inspired sneakers. All of which take up almost his entire collection of kicks, so much so, his closet walls bleed Varsity Purple and Pro Gold.

After being traded prior to the start of the '08-'09 season from the Huskies (whome also don the Gold/Purple jersey), his full rotation of Laker colorway kicks had to change to match his new green Spartan uniform. Reluctant on buying anything other than the Swoosh brand and with Nike ID restricting shipment to Canadian territory, he turned to J-PHKR customs to get a pair of PE's that stays true to the Swoosh and match his Spartan jersey without having to go out and buy Green Pro Models (Hahaha).

I based this custom off the Air Zoom Kobe III SL in white/black accenting the white with hunter green. Most custom basketball signature shoes end up looking fake and are assumed so (especially Jordans) unless you absolutely know it's a colorway you've seen before or unless it's a PE. I wanted to prevent such assumptions once these are laced up and on the court and go from "Yo, that's fake, son!" to "Where'd you get those?!"

To do that, the Spartan logo and "SPARTAN" was added to the instep of the shoe to pay homage to the inspired Michigan State basketball team. And because this is a Player Exclusive and not a team shoe, his number rests on the inside of the Hunter green shade on the lateral side of the toe box on each foot making it an actual mock "PE".

And now a green pair for the collection. The only pair with championship status being it inspired by another recent championship team *wink*. HAHA! J-PHKR out.

Womens' Nike Dunk Low "Superstar"

Womens' Nike Dunk Low
(white/black-volt pink)
Size: 6W
w/ custom box, retro card and extra laces

It's been awhile, but I have a few more pairs on the way before the holidays. This is one I did about a month ago for my Aunt in the US. I just held off posting it so soon because I had to give it time to ship it to her and take a look at them before seeing them online.

I focused on simplicity with this custom - White and black. I kept it clean to keep the attention to the flourecsent pink swoosh. To me, a custom isn't a custom unless it sports something original, so I added a spread of glossy stars in an all over pattern to highten the look, yet keeping it subtle and clean.

I hope she likes them. J-PHKR out.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium "Bliss" (GS)

Nike Air Force 1 "Bliss" (GS)
(chocolate/Crave blue -white)
Size: 5.5Y
w/ custom box, retro card and extra laces
My latest creation is yet another birthday gift...a very late birthday gift. This peice was made especially for my cousin, Jane. I'm 3 months late but again, it's better late than never! This Air Force 1 represents Jane in various ways starting off with her aspiring scrapbooking company, "Bliss", which is on the heel of the shoe. Second, is the colorway and box logo inspired by her favorite (and locally famous) bakery, Crave Cookies and Cupcakes. Take the two inspirations, put them together and you have a clean, crisp ladies classic AF1 sneaker in a subtle, yet head-turning colorway that I was sure would put a smile on her face. And it did. Shake n' Bake?!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Womens' Nike Air Max 90 "Hello Kitty"



Womens' Nike Air Max 90 Premium "Hello Kitty"
(pink ribbon/deep rose /white-sky blue)
Size: 7W
w/ custom box and hang tag
It's been awhile but I finally finished them. This was a gift for my sister for her her 21st birthday...which was in June. It's better late than never I guess! This AM90 is inspired by Hello Kitty - the sweet, lovable cat that struck popularity amongst little asian girls growing up. My sister used to collect alot of Sanrio memorabilia, so why not add another piece to her collection?! The shoe sports the famous Hello Kitty face on the heel. And if that wasn't enough, the colorway was inspired by a Sanrio Store poster I saw somewhere which combined the dark and light pink and baby blue, which turned out to be a great looking shoe at the end. I topped it all off with a special box, sizing sticker, special hang tag and extra fat skate laces in pink. The perfect gift for a 21 year-old 'grown-up' looking for nostalgic heat on her feet.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nike Legend Low 'Glow in the Dark' (GS)



In the dark

Nike Legend Low "Glow in the Dark" (Grade School)
(white/sky blue/orange peel-banana)
Size: 6Y
My second custom was inspired by warm summer days and picnic tables, hence the pattern. The glow laces were inspired by cool, bright, starry summer nights. Something nice to wear down the street night or day.